Famous and historical London casinos to visit when staying near London


More and more people are interested in casino gaming, in part this is due to the ease of access afforded by online casinos. In the past people had to travel, sometimes a great distance, to enjoy gaming in a land based venue. While they may not visit land casinos as much, taking a holiday provides a perfect opportunity to enjoy some of the world’s casinos. The city of London offers many famous casinos for travellers.

The largest casino in the city is The Casino at the Empire which can be found in Leicester Square. After a lengthy shut down, the casino had a grand reopening about six years ago. While renovations have occurred, the building does have some history. The ballroom at the Empire actually was a music hall during Victorian England. Today, it’s been transformed into two restaurants, four bars and about 30 tables ready for casino gaming. With a large gaming floor of 55,000 square feet, many visitors liken the experience here to a little bit of Las Vegas in London. Electronic machines also exist here and include slot machine and poker games. Every evening the casino offers free poker lessons to help their guests learn this exciting casino game.

The G Casino is another famous casino located in London. Visitors can easily access it from the Piccadilly Circus tube station. Formerly the Hard Rock Casino, it has now been renovated. The central part of the casino features a magnificent bar. Live music is also found here just about every night which adds to the ambience. Around this bar the gaming floor was constructed. Table games such as roulette and three card super stud poker can be found, all of which you will be used to if you have been to an online casino like OnlineCasinoAustralia.com.au. The casino does have slot machines and roulette machines. Special tables are found where beginners can learn how to play poker or perhaps brush up on their skills.








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